2003 Championship Show

Judge Mrs Birgitta Hasselgren-Ericsson (Tweed)

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog (4)
No1 Steene’s Krisma Moonshot dob 15-3-’99 Breeder Britten Sire : Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam: Olac Miami Moon
No2 Clarke’s Ashgate Leny dob 1-9-’95 Breeder Thomson Sire Ch : Ashgate Leckie Dam : Ashgate Skirza
No3 Windram’s Bravo Tango dob 21-6-’96 Br.Owner Sire : Ch.Newtonglen Fagan Dam : Naughty Non
Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (9,2 abs)
No 1 Thomson’s Ashgate Roscafin St John dob 15-3-’01Breeder Cox Sire :Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam : Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin
No 2 Squire’s Kimgarwyn Apostle dob 18-9-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate Dam: Kimgarwyn Bonny Lass
No 3 Smith’s Royal Cartier Connel dob 26-6-’01Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam: Royal Cartier Aim For Fame
Class 3 Puppy Dog (6,1 abs)
No 1 Owen’s Egremont Making Waves dob 5-7-’01 Br.Owner Sire: Belle Vue Total Eclipse Dam : Bournehaven Justina
No 2 Quinn’s Ashgate Highland Sage at Rosquin dob 23-5-’01Br Thomson Sire : Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe Dam : Ch Kyntilly Highland Wisdom at Ashgate
No 3 Broom’s Gilbri Talk of The Town dob 23-4-01 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate Dam : Gilbri Dominique
Class 4 Junior Dog ( 7, 1 abs)
No 1+ RES CC Burns’ Burneze Chatter Box dob 13-12-’99 Br.Owner Sire: Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy Dam : Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze
No 2 Soar’s Sonjay First Edition dob 24-11-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam Bellevue Just Perfick
No 3 Harris' Vallange War Lord dob 20-11-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Crookfields Calgacus Dam : Vallange Scarlet O’Hara
Class 5 Maiden Dog No Entries
Class 6 Novice Dog (3,2 abs)
No1 Kabel’s Llovall As Grease Lightning dob 6-4-01 Br.Owner Sire : Beach Boy at O’Shelly Bay Dam : Llasara Ain’t She Sweet
Tyro Dog (3,1 abs)
No 1 Fitzpatrick’s Royalcounty Squire dob 5-4-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy Dam: Ir.Ch Spoilt for Choice at Royalcounty
No2 Clench’s Vallange Agitator dob 31-12-’01 Breeder Harris Sire : Crookfield Calgacus Dam: Vallange Starlight
Post Graduate Dog (14, 3abs)
No 1 Johnson’s Kyntilly Just The Measure dob 4-9-’00 Br.Owner Ch Jillso Just For Me Dam : Kyntilly Justina
No 2 Magri’s Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie dob 18-6-’00 Breeder Torbet Sire: Newtonglen Karamynd Kasanova Dam: Kingsview Skylark
No 3 Krisma Moonshot
Limit Dog (14, 3 abs)
No 1 Griffiths’ Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd dob 12-2-’00 Br. Fryer Sire : Ch Rotella The Fezzant Plucka Dam : Rotella Luvyootoo Hopecharm
No 2 Macbeam’s Pryorvale Image Maker dob 24-12-’97 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ashgate Bern Era Dam : Pryorvale Bramble Tartan No 3 Mellor’s Jillso Just Jazz dob 26-3-’98 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Jillso Just For Me Dam : Jillso Jazz Be-Pop
Open Dog ( 13, 3 abs)
No 1 CC + BIS Thomson’s Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (Imp) dob 22-12-’99 Br.Giacomelli Sire: Int Ch Wikeland Connor Dam :Ch Ashgate Sonsie
No 2 Dunne’s Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer dob 6-4-’98 Br.Owner Sire: Llasara All Rite at Charosmack Dam : Olton Aye Clear Day at Charosmack
No 3 Harris' Vallange Torquemada dob 10-4-’00 Br.Owner Sire: Crookfields Calgacus Dam:Ch Vallange Lavender Moon
Veteran Dog or Bitch ( 4, 3 abs)
No 1 + Best Veteran Allen’s Ch Lindenka Little Poppet at Crestalen dob 7-11-’94 Br.Purchon Sire Ch Kimgarwyn Marksman Dam Ch Lindenka Prim ‘N Proper
Special Beginners Bitch (2, 1 abs)
No 1 Aries & David’s Reifrandres Sally Snowe dob 22-2-’01 Br.Mealing Sire : Reifrandes First Clansman Dam : Zinos Lorna Doone
Minor Puppy Bitch ( 17, 7abs)
No 1 Smith’s Burneze Just Anny Lusion dob 18-9-’01 Br. Burns Sire : Ir Ch Burneze Maxamillion Dam : Burneze I’m Annie Lusion
No 2 Burns’ Burneze Tommy Girl dob 14-9-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Killynether Kavanagh Dam: Burneze cause I Am
No 3 Minett’s Duskhunter Angel Image dob 16-10-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Pryorvale Image Maker Dam : Duskhunter Charlie Angels
Puppy Bitch (17,6 abs)
No 1+ Best Puppy in Show Broom’s Gilbri Worth The Wait dob 23-4-’01Br.Owner Sire: Ch Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate Dam: Gilbri Dominique
No 2 Magri’s Rozamie Summer Illusion dob 24-6-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Newtonglen Lord Of The Isles Dam : Thornyhedge Enchantress
No 3 Thomson’s Ashgate Scots Sagacity dob 23-5-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe Dam: Ch Kyntilly Highland Wisdom By Ashgate
Junior Bitch ( 18,7abs)
No 1+ Res CC Fitzpatrick’s Burneze Mistletoe Magic dob 13-12-’00 Br.Burns Sire : Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy Dam:Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady at Burneze
No 2 Jones’ Earlsdale Scarlet Ribbons dob 12-3-’01 Br.Owner Sire: Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam: Rotella Incognito at Earlsdale
No 3 Purchon’s Lindenka Shannon dob 19-11-’00 Br.Owner Sire: Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam: Lindenka Zippity Doodah
Maiden Bitch (5,1 abs )
No 1 Irwin’s Rishtte Sontie dob 7-2-’00 dob Br.Owner Sire : Rishtte Scottish Rumour Dam : Rishtte Snow Enchantress
No 2 Carter’s Mealloch Mhor By Ashgate dob 11-5-’01 Br Wright Sire : Ashgate Stanley Dam : Zinos Jessie McKechnic
No 3 Millen’s Sarmac Geneva’s Star dob 9-5-’01 Br.Owner Sire : Sarmac This is My Moment Dam: Sarmac Just Wait And See
Novice Bitch ( 9,2abs)
No 1 Rishtte Sontie
No 2 Wilson& Hill’s Trethmore Trincomalee dob 9-8-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Lasara Lonely One Dam: Trethmore Tiz Suzy
No 3 Cleland’s Birkfell Sorrell dob 22-11-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Inverglen Brigadier Dam : Birkfell Snow Blossom
Tyro Bitch (7, 1 abs)
No 1 Burns' Burneze Proudly Presents dob 13-12-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy Dam : Ch Lakamoni Imperial Lady
No 2 Minett’s Duskhunter Mirror Image dob 15-9-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Pryorvale Image Maker Dam : Duskhunter Charlies Angel
No 3 Rishtte Sontie
Post Graduate Bitch (26,9 abs)
No 1 Griffiths’ Hopecharm Full of Deelite at Karamynd dob 27-7-’00 Br.Fryer Sire : Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam : Hopecharm Full of Promise
No 2 Dunne’s Charosmack Clear Dreams dob 21-5-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer Dam Wee-Hy-Lynn Cheerleader
No 3 Barrell’s Barwest Bedtime Story dob 8-9-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam: Barwest By Moonlight
Limit Bitch ( 22, 10 abs)
No 1 Steemson’s Belle Vue Adorable JW dob 18-8-’99 Br Squire Sire: Janchard Unforgetta-Bell Dam: Wesscots Fairytale
No 2 Burns' Burneze Cause-I-Am dob 29-2-’00 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Lakamoni Knight Imperial at Burneze Dam : Ch Burneze Just Annie Lusion
No 3 Thomson’s Ashgate Skene dob 4-12-’98 Br.Owner Sire : Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam : Ch Ashgate Sassy
Open Bitch (16,6abs)
No 1 + CC Res BIS Hands’ Crinan Corwena JW dob 1-10-’99 Br.Owner Sire: Crinan Cut Above Dam: Crinan Caledonia
No 2 Fryer’s Hopecharm On A Promise dob 29-6-’99 Br.Owner Sire Ashgate Orcadian Dam: Hopecharm Full Of Promise
No 3 Harris’ Wistonant White Lily By Vallange dob 23-6-’00 Br.Wogan Sire : Ch Vallange Lord Of Love Dam: Wistonant Little Sadie