2006 Northern Open Show

Judge Mrs.M.Smewin (Kellanor)

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog or bitch(3)
No 1 McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Lottie Lou Bitch dob 28/03/05 Br.Owner Sire Ch Inverglen Celtic Raider Dam Ley Hey Lavender & Lace
No 2 Poynton’s Chryzara II Countess at Trebelbarda Bitch dob 31-05-02 Br Chudley Sire Ch Vallange Warlord Dam Chryzara Lovetoken
No 3 Ong’s Lorimay Krystals Miracle Bitch dob 31-1-06 Br Exh Sire Lesanthas Street Trader Dam Alistefjo Krystal Karisma
Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (5,1abs.)
No 1 Griffith’s Karamynd Play The Game dob 22-2-06 Br. Owner Sire Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy Dam Karamynd Play To The Crowd
No 2 Squire’s Kimgarwyn Handyman dob 11-03-06 Br. Owner Sire Ch Ch Krisma Jammydodger Dam Ch Kimgarwyn Night Breeze
No 3 Kabel’s Llovall A Song And Dance dob 7-4-06 Br Owner Sire Llovall License To Thrill Dam Llovall A Kinda Magic
No 4 Budge’s Rozamie Icicle dob 28-2-06 Br Magri Sre Rozamie Billy Baloo Dam Newtonglen Pretty Woman of Rozamie
Class 3 Puppy Dog (4)
No 1 & Best Puppy In Show Purchon’s Lindenka Delta dob 16/12/05 Br Owner Sire Ch Lindenka Brannigan Dam Lindenka Kerrygan
No 2 Milner ’s Juanne Barkcode Breaka dob 20/01/06 Br .Owner Sire Juanne The Liquorice Lad Dam Juanne Gin ‘N Soda
No 3 Kabel’s Llovall Leader Of The Pack dob 4-2-06 Br Owner Sire Ch Kimgarwyn Alco Dam Llovall Luck Be A lady
Class 4 Junior Dog (No entries .)
Class 5 Novice Dog (3,1 abs)
No 1 Lynch’ Bobby Jozef dob 4-5-05 Br.C Michalska Sire Mocaraid Rob Roy Dam Jemma Galway Sunset
No 2 Kinchin’s Fosseleigh Showgun dob 8/10/04 Br. Cobb Sire Fosseleigh Picasso Dam Fosseleigh Lucretia
Class 6 Graduate Dog (4,1 abs.)
No 1 Best Dog & BIS Cook’s Roxholm River Spirit dob 27-08-04 Br. Clement Sire Ch Newtonglen Covenanter of Rozamie Dam Charterwood Diamond Angel to Roxholm
No 2 McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Living Legend dob 28/03/05 Br.Owner Sire Ch Inverglen Celtic Raider Dam Ley Hey Lavender & Lace
No 3 Windram’s Kristenkenzie Fagan dob 29-10-04 Br Owner Sire Trethmore Tall Story Dam Barnwin I Am Daisy May
Class 7 Mid Limit Dog (3)
No 1 Res Best Dog & Res BIS Atkins Kimgarwyn Crusader at Abercroft dob 29/10/04 Br.Squire Sire Kimgarwyn Apollo Dam Lasara Look at Me
No 2 Purchon’s Lindenka Bennington JW dob 05/09/04 Br. Owner Sire Kimgarwyn Apollo Dam Tomlyndon Tamarin at Lindenka
No 3 Clements’ Bellevue Just F’Fun dob 30-12-02 Br T Squire Sire Ch Jillso Just For Mw Dam Bellevue She’s The One
Class 8 Open Dog (3,2abs)
No 1 Bennett’s Helfulhether Lucky Dip dob 20/7/04 Br./Owner Sire Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress Dam Helfulhether Heavenly
Class 9 Veteran Dog or Bitch ( 8,6 abs)
No 1+ Best Veteran Mealing ’s Reifrandies First Clansman Dog dob 10/09/96 Br.Owner Sire Ch Ashgate Hielan Laddie Dam Rishtte Megsie
No 2 Milner’s Joanne Gin ’N’ Ice Bitch dob 09/05/98 Br. Clowes Sire Juanne The Jouster Dam Just An Ace
No 3 Hayton’s Highcross Haytime at Pedrohay Dog dob 30-6-98 Br Jenkinson By Ch/ Ir Ch Killynether Kavanagh x Pepabbby Pride of Highcross
Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (6,2abs)
No 1 Kabel’s Llovall Anything Goes dob 7-4-06 Br Owner Sire Llovall License To Thrill Dam Llovall A Kinda Magic
No 2 Griffin’s Barwest Bobsleigh by Burlmere dob 28-3-06 Br.Barrell Sire Burlmere Classic Cliche Dam Ch Barwest Bedtime Story
No 3 Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay dob 14-4-06 Br.Owner SireCh Ashgate Scot’s Progress Dam Reifrandies Ganzie Maid
No 4 Lorimay Krystals Miracle
Class 11 Puppy Bitch (6,3abs)
No 1 Best Bitch Puppy & Res Best Pup in Show Kabel’s LLovall All That Jazz dob 18-2-06 Br Owner Sire Ch Krisma Jammydodger Dam Llovall Lovin Feeling
No 2 Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Allayah Dob 8-1-06 Br Owner Sire Lynnsto Pellam Dam Kinytail Girl at Lizandycris
No 3 Lorimay Krystals Miracle
Class 12 Junior Bitch ( 11,5 abs )
No 1 & Best Bitch Griffith’s Karamynd Lilac Wine dob 20-8-05 Br Owner Sire Ch Karamynd High As A kite Dam Krisma Trouble In Mind At Karamynd
No 2 Smith’s Royalcartier Strike-A-Pose dob 4-7-05 Br Owner Sire Ch Ashgate Aros Dam Royalcartier Aim-For-Fame
No 3 Squire’s Kimgarwyn Pebble dob 27-10-05 Br Owner Sire Kimgarwyn Apollo Dam Lasara Look at Me
No 4 Dingley’s Davot Chase Encounter dob 10-10-05 Br Owner Sire Multi Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (imp) Dam Davot Chy Anne
No 5 Carlin & Gillott’s Lynnsto Laska at Lizanycris dob 20-8-05 Br.M Clarke Sire Int Ch Lord Wain Majpr Thomson Dam trethmore Time To Stay
Class 13 Novice Bitch (5,1abs)
No 1 & Res Best Bitch Steene’s Madrabawn Fionnula dob 20-4-05 Br Wailing Sire Ch Krisma Jammmydodger Dam Madrabawn Queen Meave
No 2 Clement’s RoxholmeRinkie Dee dob 24-3-05 Br. Owner Sire Ashgate Leny Dam Dam Roxholme Rosy Prospect
No 3 Davot Chase Encounter
No 4 Chryzara II Countess at Trebelbarda
Class 14 Graduate Bitch (6,1abs)
No 1 Madrabawn Fionnula
No 2 Davot Chase Encounter
No 3 Hayton’s Silver Senorita at Pedrohay dob 27-1-05 Br Lewis By Ch Kimgarwyn Alco x Lamsmore Miss Campbell
No 4 Windram’s Cassara Princess 29.10.04 br exh (Trethmore Tall Story ex Barnwin Im Daisy May)
No 5 Ley Hey Lottie Lou
Class 15 Mid Limit (6,3 abs)
No 1 Kabel’s Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall dob 17-4-05 Br Britten dob Sire Ch Krisma Jammydodger Dam Krisma Home Alone
No 2 Windram’s Barnwin I am Daisy May dob 2-7-02 Br Barnett & Windram dob 2-7-02 Sire Jeau Dorce by Juanne Dam Norjons Delizimo of Barnwin
No 3 Silver Senorita at Pedrohay
Class 16 Open Bitch (7,4abs)
No 1 Cooper’s Ashgate Camellia dob 16-09-03 Br.Owner By Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ashgate Arum Lily
No 2 Purchon’s Lindenka Kerrygan dob 19-11-003 Br. Owner Sire Kimgarwyn Apollo Dam Lindenka Shannon
No 3 Bennet’s Hellfulhether Sky’s The Limit dob 4-8-04 Br Owner Sire Ch Karamynd High As A Kite Dam Ashgate Amazing Grace

BEST DOG and BIS : Roxholm River Spirit
BEST BITCH and BOS Karamynd Lilac Wine
BEST Dog & RES BIS Kimgarwyn Crusader at Abercroft
RES BEST BITCH Madrabawn Fionnula
BEST PUPPY : Lindenka Delta