2008 Championship Show

Judge Mr B Squire (Kimgarwyn)

Special Beginners Dog (1, 0)
1.Mrs Anthony’s Rozamie Dream on with Charmed Autum Br.Magri dob 04/03/07 (Ch Dwilencia Dream Lover at Rozamie x Newtonglen Pretty Woman At Rozamie)
Minor Puppy Dog (8,2)
1 Bailey & Wilson’s Lymehills Super Trooper Br.Owner dob 14-08-07(Ch Lymehills Drambuie x Lymehills Katies Cracker)
2.Kabel’s Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr Br.Owner dob 16-08-07 (Llovall Leader of the Pack x Llovall All That Jazz)
3 .Mr&Mrs Gaydon’s Gilbri Willwontee Br. Owner dob 17-10-07 (Ch. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Winstonant Royal Ruby for Gilbri)
4.Carlin& Gillot’s Lizandycris Pick of the Pack Br Owner 10.8.07 ( Comdale Curtain Call at Lizandycris x Lizandycris Allayah)
5. Millen’s Sarmac Starlite Express Br.Owner dob 25-08-07 (Walkonair Mr Rozamie x Sarmac Dynamite Star)
Puppy Dog (7,0)
1& Best Dog Puppy Dale’s Lynnsto Stand And Deliver Br.Owner dob 11-05-07 (Ch.Krisma Streetwise x Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto)
2.Britten’s Krisma SpitNPolish Br.Owner dob 30-06-07 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Krisma Trouble in Mind)
3.Miss & Mrs Bennett’s Roxholm Running True Br.Clements dob 25-04-07 (Helfulhether Lucky Dip x Roxholm Rosy Prospect)
4.McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Loyal Leader Br.Owner 10-06-07 (Birkfell Sparkle By Inverglen x Ley hey Lotie Lou)
5 Knibb’s Krisma Moon Sequel Br.Britten dob 30-06-07 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Krisma Trouble in Mind)
Junior Dog (11,1)
1. Dale’s Lynnsto Mastercard Br.Owner dob 18-02-07 (Lynnsto Pellam JW ShCm ex Lynnsto Soloist JWShCm)
2. Corri’s Inverglen Banjo Br.Owner dob 07-01-07 (Ch Lindenka Brannigan x Inverglen Enchanted)
3 . Gordon’s Lamsmore Fitswritin Br. Sizmore dob 29-03-07 (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Ch Lamsmore Miss Brodie)
4. Minett’s Candido Du Moulin De Macgregor Br.O’Connor dob 17-02-07 (Int.Ch. Touch of Class Du Moulin De Macgregor x Souppe Au Lait Du Moulin De Macgregor)
5. Miss & Mrs Foster’s Thozow Good Etiquette Br.Owner dob 25-10-06 (Ch Krisma Streetwise x Thozow Bit Of Trouble)
Maiden Dog (1)
1. Corri’s Inverglen Banjo
Novice Dog (1)
1. Minett’s Duskhunter Winter Special Br.Owner dob 27-12-06 (Bellevue Sundance At Duskhunter x Duskhunter Make Believe)
Tyro Dog (1)
1. Lynch’s Bobby Josef at Linacrelads Br.Michalska dob 04-05-05 (Mocaraid Rob Roy ex Jemma Galway Sunset)
Post Graduate Dog (12,1)
1. Dale’s Lamsmore Leckbuie At Lynnsto JW Br.Sizmore dob 19-10-05 (Ch Ashgate Scots Progress x Lamsmore Floraness)
2 .Thomson’s Ashgate US Patriot Br.Brown dob 29-08-06 (Ch Ashgate Aros ex Am.Ch Ashgate Stroneba)
3.MacBean’s Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale Br.Squire dob 23-09-06 (Ned.IntCh Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bellevue Caught U Looking)
4. Gill’s Cloonbeganne Celtic Tige r Br.Owner dob 18-07-06 (Ch Karamynd High As A Kite x Cloonbeggane Party Popper)
5. Milner’s Cochansa Mischief Maker By Juanne Br. J Coles dob 22-06-06 Juanne The Liquorice Lad x Marimine Lottie Mae)
Limit Dog (10,2)
1.RCC & RBIS Dunne & Crockett’ Havasu Pai Br.Crockett dob 25-11-05 (Multi Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Havasu Hells Angel)
2.Griffiths' Karamynd Play The Game Br Owner dob 22-02-06 (Ch Bournehaven Birthday Guy x Ch Karamynd Play To The Crowd)
3.Corri’s Inverglen Lewis Br.Owner dob 28-09-05 (Birkfell Sparkle By Inverglen x Inverglen Spring Melody for Ladida)
4. Carlin & Gillot’s Comdale Curtain Call at Lizandycris Br. Jennings dob 21-01-06 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd ex Comdale She’s The One)
5.Magri & Marsden’s Walkonair Mr Rozamie Br: Mrs S J & Mr K T J Knights dob 9.11.05 (by Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Rozamie Royal Flair)
Open Dog (9,1)
1 CC & BIS Mellor’s Ch Bellevue Caught In The Act At Jillso Br.T Squire dob 27-12-04 (Bellevue Just F Fun x Bellevue Fire Dancer)
2.Jennings' Ch Comdale Action Man Br.Owner dob 02-07-03 (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Comdale Classic)
3.Owen’s Duncabury Hee’z A Wonder Br.Owner dob 29-09-05 (Multi Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Crevamoy Dream Girl At Duncabury)
4.T. Squire’s Ch.Bellevue Spirit Catcher Br.Owner dob 21-07-06(Int & Ned Ch. Bellevue Careless Spirit ex Holly Munday)
5. Lilley& Milling’s Ch. Lillmill What’s It All About Br.Owner dob 19-09-05 ( Kyntilly Just The Measure x Kenmillto Coming On Strong At Lillmill)
Veteran Dog or Bitch (6,4)
1.Milner’s Joanne Gin N Ice(Bitch) Br. Clowes dob 09-05-98 (Juanne The Jouster ex Just An Ace)
2.Ash’s Hillcloud Polestar Br.Owner (Dog) dob 17-06-98 (Ch Ashgate Sinclair ex Kergilliack Konfidante)
Special Beginners Bitch (3,1)
1. Windram’s Cassara Princess Br.Owner dob 29-10-04 (Trethmore Tall Story x Barnwin I’m Daisy May)
2. Anthony’s Sarmac Heavenly Star With Charmed Autum Br.Millen dob 25-08-07 (Walkonair Mr Rozamie x Sarmac Dynamite Star)
Minor Puppy Bitch (11,3)
1.Molony’s Killynether Krazy For You Br.Owner dob 23-09-07 (Ch/Ir/Rus. Markstown Mr Havasu ex Ch Killynether Kimiko)
2.Mr&Mrs Gaydon’s Gilbri Charisma Br.Owner dob 17-10-07 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Winstonant Royal Ruby At Gilbri)
3.Britten’ s Krisma SpickNSpan Br.Owner dob 12-10-07 ( Karamynd Play The Game x Ch Krisma Cactus)
4.Kabel’s Llovall A Fine Romance Br.Owner dob 16-08-07 (Llovall Leader Of The Pack x Llovall All That Jazz)
5 . Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Rosebud Br.Owner dob 27-09-07 (Ch Lindenka Delta ex Silver Senorita At Pedrohay)
Puppy Bitch (7)
1.BPIS Jenning’s Wistonant Anastasia of Comdale br.Wogan dob 04-06-07 (Ch Gilbri Talk Of The Town x Wistonant Wild Jasmine)
2.Dale’s Lynnsto Ultraviolet Br Owner dob 11-05-07 (Ch Krisma Streetwise ex Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto)
3 .Hughes’s Brychdyne Kite Mark Br.Owner dob 20-06-07 (Ch. Karamynd High As A Kite x Hopecharm Little April Dream)
4. Carlin & Gillot’s Bochara Miss Tique at Lizandycris Br.Search dob 21-05-07 (Comdale Curtain Call at Lizandycris x Bochara Just F 'Love)
5. Smith’s Royalcartier Hanky Panky Br.Owner dob 04-07-07 (Karamynd Play The Game x Royalcartier Sallachy)
Junior Bitch (12,6)
1.Griffiths' Karamynd Take A Bow Br.Owner dob 19-10-06 (Ch. Krisma Streetwise x Ch Karamynd Paws For Applause)
2.Smith’s Lorbri Mowtown Magic Br.Owner dob 13-12-06 (Asheridgelee Mr Dynamite x Ch Burnese Just Anny Lusion At Lorbri)
3.Carlin & Gillot’s LizAndyCris Girl Of Action dob 10-12-06 Br.Owner (CH Comdale Action Man x Lynnsto Code Name Cora at LizAndyCris)
4. Steemson’s Bocans Hot Stuff Br.Owner dob 06-03-07 (Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bocans Black Pearl)
5. Smith’s Lingbeck Leading Lady Br.Owner dob 09-01-07 (Ch. Lindenka Brannigan ex Highcross Cascade)
Maiden Bitch (4,3)
1. Cobb’s Fosseleigh Coryn Br.Owner dob 01-04-07(Inverglen Lewis x Fosseleigh Lady Charlotte )
Novice Bitch (4,3)
1. Ash’s Olton Aye Precious Pearl At Hillcloud Br.Hill&Wilson dob 08-10-05 (Ch. Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate x Olton Aye Bonne Chance)
Tyro Bitch (3,1)
1. Cobb’s Fosseleigh Moonbeam Br.Owner dob 11-08-05 (Inverglen Celtic Raider x Fosseleigh Octavia)
2.Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay Br.Owner dob 14-04-06(Ch Ashgate Scots Progress x Reifandies Gansie Maid)
Post Graduate Bitch (19,4)
1.T. Squire’s Krisma Joyride Br.Britten dob 24-08-06 (Int.Ned Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bellevue Guilded Lily At Krisma)
2. Fox’s Hillsted Sweet Breeze Br.Owner dob 23-07-06 (Ch Krisma Streetwise x Hillsted Sweet Liberty)
3. Dingley’s Davot Chi Ki Br.Owner dob 24-08-06 (Multi Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Davot Chill Out)
4 . Hooper’s Yorsar Fivepenny Borg Br.Owner dob 12-06-06 ( Ch.Ir Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress x Yorsar Fernie)
5. Soar’s Sonjay White Fusion Br.Owner dob 27-08-06 ( Ned.Int Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Sonjay Paper Chase)
Limit Bitch (13,4)
1.Gaydon’s Wistonant Royal Ruby At Gilbri Br.Wogan dob 20-12-05 (Ch.Ir Ch Gilbri Talk of the Town x Wistonant Wild Jasmine)
2.Griffiths’ Karamynd Lilac Wine Br.Owner dob 20-08-05 (Ch Karamynd Hig As A Kite x Krisma Trouble In Mind At Karamynd)
3.Corri’s Inverglen Sula Br.Owner dob 28-09-05 (Birkfell Sparkle By Inverglen x Inverglen Spring Melody for Ladida)
4. Bailey’s Lymehills Chardonnay Br.Bailey & Wilson dob 30-09-05 (Ch Lymehills Drambuie x Lymehills Katies A Cracker)
5. Thomson’s Ashgate Ardlussa Br.Owner dob 29-08-05 (Ch Ashgate Aros x Kerswell Irish Eyes Of Ashgate)
Open Bitch (7)
1. CC & BOS Edmondson’s Ch Pepabby Priceless JW Br.Owner dob 25-10-04 (Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Ch Pepabby Precious)
2. RCC Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Spell Br.Owner dob 02-04-03 (Ch Kristajen Castaspell x Ch Clanestar Careless Spirit)
3. Jenkins’ Markstown Made To Measure Br.Owner dob 29-04-04 (Charosmack Christmas Craker for Cooley x Fireside Lass)
4. Kabel’s Krisma Roll The Dice For Llovall Br.Britten dob 17-04-05 (Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Krisma Home Alone)
5. Skelton’s Kyntilly Arum Lily Br.Johnson dob 09-07-04 ( Ch. Bellevue Trigger Happy x Kyntilly Just Maybe)
Brace (4,1)
1. Mrs W. Corri   2. Mr P & Mrs S C Hayton   3. Mr G C & Mrs C Windram