2011 Southern Open Show

Best in Show Foster's Thozow Good Etiquette   BOS & RBIS Strand's Westlake Pearly Lady   BPIS Thomson's Ashgate Moonsie
Judge Mr John Fox (Hillsted)


Class 2 MINOR PUPPY DOG 2 Entries (1abs)

1st JENNINGS' COMDALE GEORGEOUS GEORGE, D. 01/01/11, Br.Exh. Pepabby Prank - Comdale Talk The Talk

Class 3 PUPPY DOG 2 Entries (1abs)

1st DINGLEY'S DAVOT CHEVIE CHASER, D. 15/08/10, Br.Exh. Ch.Davot Chivalrous Chap JW - Davot Chi-ki JW

Class 4 JUNIOR DOG 1 Entry

1st JONES' DUSKHUNTER SPECIAL TREAT AT FERNLAIR, D. 10/06/10, Br.Mrs Minett Ch.Duskhunter Dutch Courage - Pryorvale OíLala At Duskhunter

Class 5 NOVICE DOG 2 Entries (1bs)

1st Dingley's Davot Chevie Chaser

Class 6 GRADUATE DOG 3 Entries (2abs)

1st PEGG'S AMBALASI FRISKY WHISKY, D. 13/03/07, Br.Mrs D Sweetzer Ch/Ir/Int/Am.Ch.Ashgate Scottís Progress - Ambalasi Full Of Charm

Class 7 MID LIMIT DOG 3 Entries (1abs)


1st WEST'S TOMLYNDON SPOILT ROTTEN, D., 16/01/10, Br.Exh. Ch/Int.Ch./Nordic Dk Spoilt Brat Du Moulin De Mac Gregor -

Ch/Int.Ch.Tomlyndon Look Of Love *RBD*

2nd BUDGE'S ROZAMIE ICICLE, D., 28/02/06, Br.J.Magri Rozamie Billy Baloo - Newtonglen Pretty Woman At Rozamie

Class 8 OPEN DOG 4 Entries (3abs)

1st FOSTER'S THOZOW GOOD ETIQUETTE, D. 25/10/06, Br.Exh. Ch.Krisma Streetwise - Thozow Bit Of Trouble *BD & BIS*

Class 9 VETERAN DOG or BITCH 4 Entries (1abs)

1st THOMSON'S ASHGATE SCOTíS SAGACITY, B. 26/06/01, Br.Exh. Ch.Ashgate Ivanhoe - Ch.Kyntilly Wisdom Of Ashgate *BVIS*

2nd DINGLEY'S CH DAVOT CHIVALROUS CHAP , D., 10/12/01, Br.Exh. Ch.Charosmack Clog Dancer - Palubriken Chime Of Freedom Via Davot

3rd MEALING'S REIFRANDIES GANSIE MAID, B. 12/08/02, Br.Exh. Reifrandies First Clansman - Zinos Lorna Doone

Class 10 MINOR PUPPY BITCH 3 Entries (1abs)


1st JENNINGS' COMDALE STARR, B. 01/01/11, Br.Exh. Pepabby Prank - Comdale Talk The Talk

2nd THOMSON'S HILLCLOUD ATHENA AT ASHGATE, B., 22/01/11, Br.J.Ash Ashgate Sheriff - Igloo Iced Maid At Hillcloud

Class 11 PUPPY BITCH 5 Entries (4abs)

1st THOMSON'S ASHGATE MOONSIE, B. 07/08/10, Br.Exh. Ch.Alborada Centurion - Ch.Ashgate Maybole BPIS

Class 12 JUNIOR BITCH 4 Entries (2abs)


1st ROBINSON'S PATNOR PARTY GIRL, B., 16/06/10, Br.Exh. Ch.Bellevue Trigger Happy - Killynether Koming Down To Patnor

2nd SWEETZER'S BELLEVUE WILD AT HEART, B., 03/06/10, Br.Mrs T Squire The Dashing Devilís Shotgun (Imp Ned) - Bellevue Honey Bee

Class 14 GRADUATE BITCH 7 Entries (4abs)


1st WEST'S TOMLYNDON REIGN ON PARADE, B. 07/02/09, Br.Exh. Ch.Karamynd Playing Away At Tomlyndon JW - Tomlyndon Trisca

2nd ROBINSON'S KILLYNETHER KOMING DOWN TO PATNOR, B. 23/09/07, Br.Mrs Molony Ch.Markstown Mr Havasu - Ch.Killynether Kimiko

3rd PEGG'S BELLEVUE DREAM SPIRIT, B., 14/03/09, Br.Mrs T Squire Ch.Bellevue Spirit Catcher - Bellevue Honey Bee

Class 15 MID LIMIT BITCH 7 Entries (3abs)


1st STRAND'S WESTLAKE PEARLY LADY, B., 04/10/07, Br.Exh. Nordic.Ch.Kristajen Know It All - Westlake Wild Pearl *BB & RBIS*

2nd LANCASTER'S CLANESTAR CLOUD CHASING, B., 03/01/10, Br.Exh. Lindenka Sullivan - Clanestar Cloudburst

3rd MEALING'S REIFRANDIES MINGAY, B., 14/04/06, Br.Exh. Ch.Ashgate Scotís Progress - Reifrandies Gansie Maid

4th FOSTER'S THOZOW SWEET VIOLET, B., 21/05/08, Br.Exh. Ch.Bellevue Spirit Catcher - Ch.Havasu Hidden Treasure At Thozow

Class 16 OPEN BITCH 4 Entries (3abs)

1st FOSTER'S THOZOW SWEET PEA, B. 28/08/08, Br.Exh. Ch.Krisma Streetwise - Thozow Bit Of Trouble *RBB*

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