Judge: Mr Ray Gaydon (Gilbri)

Best in Show: Burns' BURNEZE BILLIE ON AIR

Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex: Purchon's CHAMPION LINDENKA CHESTERMAN

Best Puppy in Show: Fryer's HOPECHARM CHRISTMAS ROSE

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Jennings' COMDALE THATS ANDY

Best Veteran in Show: Smith's LINGBECK PLAYING THE LADY

Class 1, Special Beginners dog or bitch (0):

no entries


Class 2, Minor Puppy (2 entered, 1 absent):

1st: Jennings' COMDALE THATS ANDY, 21.4.15, br: owners, by Comdale Johnny Junior ex Comdale Glamorous Gladys Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Class 3, Puppy (1, 1):


Class 4, Junior (0):

no entries

Class 5, Novice (0):

no entries

Class 6, Graduate (1):

1st: Purchon's LINDENKA I'M DEXTER, 28.11.14, br: owner, by Lindenka Donovan ex Starstruck at Lindenka

Class 7, Mid Limit (3, 1):

1st: Thomson's FERNSUNRISE FAIR PLAY TO ASHGATE, 11.2.15, br: Woodward, by Canadian/UK/American Ch Windacre Ready To Rhumble ex Standeridge Star Spangled von Fernsunrise Reserve Best Dog

2nd: Purchon's LINDENKA DONOVAN, 7.10.11, br: owner, by Lindenka Bennington ex Montrose by Lindenka

Class 8, Open (3, 1):

1st: Purchon's CHAMPION LINDENKA CHESTERMAN, 18.11.13, br: owner, by Ch Pepabby Prank ex Starstruck at Lindenka Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show

2nd: Corri's INVERGLEN LOWE'N'BEHOLD, 10.3.12, br: owner, by Birkfell Sparkle by Inverglen ex Ch Inverglen Sophie

Class 9, Veteran Dog or Bitch (7, 3):

1st: Smith's LINGBECK PLAYING THE LADY, bitch, 9.11.09, br: owner, by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game ex Highcross Cascade Best Veteran in Show

2nd: Pearson's WINOSKI MR CHIPS, dog, 15.11.08, br: owners, by Davot Chip N Pin with Alchez ex Winoski Midnight Miracle

3rd: Stock's LINDENKA BAXTER, dog, 7.1.07, br: Purchon, by Ch Lindenka Brannigan ex Lindenka Toffee Pudding

Res: Coupe's LINDENKA SHERRY TRIFLE, bitch, 15.9.08, br: Purchon, by Ch Havasu Pai ex Lindenka Summer Pudding


Class 10, Minor Puppy (3):

1st: Lancaster's CLANESTAR CARELESS CHARM, 3.4.16, br: owner, by Int Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trooper ex Clanestar Careless Love

2nd: Pearson's BRAXQUIN ONE IN A MILLION FOR WINOSKI, 21.3.16, br: Davison, by Lynnsto Gunner Be A Star ex Lynnsto That'll Do Nicely at Braxquin

3rd: Johnson's SALMARK SHEEZA LADY, 30.4.16, br: owner, by The Dashing Devil's Macho Man ex Salmark Viva La Diva

Class 11, Puppy (6, 2):

1st: Fryer's HOPECHARM CHRISTMAS ROSE, 8.12.15, br: owner, by Int/UK Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry ex Hopecharm Ops A Daisy Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show

2nd: Carlin & Gillott's LIZANDYCRIS MAGGIE MAY, 6.12.15, br: owners, by Ch Walk The Line vom Deipenbrook to Krisma ex Lizandycris Ready To Rock

3rd: Thomson's ASHGATE BIRNIE, 4.2.16, br: owner, by Surprise Westie Rocket To The Sky ex Hillcloud Belle with Ashgate

Res: Stock's LINDENKA VANILLA ICE, 12.12.15, br: Purchon, by Lindenka Donovan ex Starstruck at Lindenka

Class 12, Junior (1, 1):


Class 13, Novice (2):

1st: Smith's HIGHCROSS PRECIOUS CHARM TO LINGBECK, 8.2.15, br: Jenkinson, by Int Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper ex Highcross Charmer

2nd: Coupe's THOROUGHLY THEODORA OF THIRKLEBY, 11.12.14, br: Krauss, by Lindenka Donovan ex Caecillia Wonder

Class 14, Graduate (4, 3):

1st: Corri's FRISBECK FLOWER GIRL BY INVERGLEN, 17.7.14, br: Hirst, by Inverglen Lewis ex Frisbeck My Rebecca Rose

Class 15, Mid Limit (3, 1):

1st: Burns' BURNEZE COPYRIGHT, 13.7.15, br: owners, by UK/Danish/Swedish/Int Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest ex Ch Burneze Plan Bea Reserve Best Bitch

2nd: Purchon's LINDENKA APPLE KRUMBLE, 28.11.14, br: owner, by Lindenka Donovan ex Starstruck at Lindenka

3rd: Lancaster's CLANESTAR CARELESS CHIMES, 1.5.13, br: owner, by UK/Int Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher ex Clanestar Careless Love

Class 16, Open (6, 3):

1st: Burns' BURNEZE BILLIE ON AIR, 13.7.15, br: owners, by UK/Danish/Swedish/Int Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest ex Ch Burneze Plan Bea Best Bitch & Best in Show


Judge: Mrs Gail Dixon (Chatterdale)

Special Feature winner: Corri's INVERGLEN LOWE'N'BEHOLD

Category A, Special Junior Dog or Bitch (5 entered, 1 absent)

1st: Jennings' COMDALE THATS ANDY, dog

2nd: Lancaster's CLANESTAR CARELESS CHARM, bitch


Res: West's MATCH MACY'S PRIDE AT TOMLYNDON, bitch, 24.1.16, br: Birberg, by Swedish Ch Rieskant's Glamrocker ex Match Maid Marion

Category B, Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (3, 1)


2nd: Jennings' COMDALE GLAMOROUS GLADYS, bitch, 10.9.14, br: owners, by Hopecharm Ed Turner at Lynnsto ex Comdale Just Jilly

Category C, Special Open Dog or Bitch (3)



3rd: Lancaster's CLANESTAR CARELESS CHIMES, bitch

Puppy Walk (4-6 months) (1)

Morecroft's KALENCROFT I AM LEGEND, dog, 18.6.16, br: owner, by Ch Ashgate U S Apollo ex Kalencroft's Little Bo Peep

Kitchen keeping busy....!

A presentation by Pat Edmondson (Chairman), thanking Mr & Mrs Hewson for all their hard work over the years running the club stall

Open Show Judge's critique


I would like to thank the officers, Committee & Exhibitors for their support & Inviting me to judge today also to those who ran the refreshments for the super lunch & my ring stewards who helped make things run smoothly.

Sp.Beg 0

MPD 2.1 1st Jennings Comdale Thats Andy. 6mth old Good head .dark eye, good bite nice neck flowing into a level topline showed well for one so young. BPD.


JD 0

ND 0

GD 1 1st Purchon's Lindenka I'm Dexter. Compact dog with a good head & shoulder with a nice neck flowing into a level topline with a harsh crisp jacket. With a good tail set moved well.

MLD 3.1 1st Thomson's Fernsunrise Fairplay To Ashgate. Masculine head with a dark eye. Good neck & shoulder level short back nice harsh coat moved well RBD.

2nd Purchon's Lindenka Donovan. Good head & eye neat ears short coupled, level back good coat showed well.

OD 3.1 1st Purchon's Ch. Lindenka Chesterman. Good head, correct bite, neat neck & shoulders well balanced dog with a good jacket nice tail set moved around the ring well put down nicely by his handler. Pleased to award him BD RBIS & BOS.

2ns Corri's Inverglen Lowe N Behold. Good head & expression, good neck level topline & good hindquarters, good tailset moved with drive.

Vet 7.3 1st Smith's Lingbeck Playing The Lady 7 yr. old bitch compact with a level topline moved well. BVIS.

2nd Pearson's Winsoki Mr Chips. Good head well balanced dog moved well.

3rd Stock's Lindenka Baxter.

MPB 3.1 1st Lancaster's Clanestar Crescent Moon. Good head neat ears short compact bitch . just needs to settle more.

2nd Pearson's Braxquin One In A Million. Good head & expression correct bite good coat just preferred 1 on the day.

3rd Johnson's Salmark Sheeza Lady.

PB 6.2 1st Fryer's Hope charm Christmas Rose. Well balanced Bitch, good head & mouth, neck flowing into level topline, short coupled good coat strong rear quarters well presented moved well around the ring, was pleased to later award her BPIS.

2nd Carlin & Gillott's Lizandychris Maggie May. Good head & correct bite, good angulation well presented just preferred the overall balance of 1 on the day.

3rd Thomson's Ashgate Birnie.

JB 1.1

NB 1st Smiths Highcross Precious Charm To Lingbeck. Neat bitch good expression, correct bite compact body well presented showed well.

2nd Coupe's Thoroughly Theodora Of Thirkleby. Compact bitch not the presentation of 1.

GB 4.3 1st Corri's Frisbeck Flower Girl By Inverglen. Nice head, neat ears, good bite, good layback of shoulder with a level topline nice crisp harsh coat well set tail moved well.

MLB 5.2 1st Burns Burneze Copyright. Good head, dark eye with a good expression, good in shoulder level topline held her shape whilst going around the ring. Well presented & handled.

2nd Purchon's Lindenka Apple Krumble. Good bite, neat head, nice crisp harsh coat, level topline with a good tail set moved well.

3rd Lancaster's Clanestar Careless Chimes.

OB 2.1 1st Burn's Burneze Billie On Air. Good head, correct bite& with a nice dark eye. Short level back excellent white coat with a well set tail. Moved around the ring with style & presence. Excellently putdown by her handler was pleased to award her the top spot today. Best In Show.

Ray Gaydon

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