2017 Championship Show

Sunday, 9th April 2017

Judge: Ms Lillian Lleton (Danskots - Denmark)

Photo by Ray Gaydon

Best in Show: Burns' CHAMPION BURNEZE BILLIE ON AIR (her 5th CC)

Reserve Best in Show: Squire's THE DASHING DEVIL'S LA DIVA

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Lilley & Milling's LILMILL NOSEY PARKER (his 2nd CC)

Photo by Ray Gaydon

Best Puppy in Show: Griffiths' KARAMYND MAY QUEEN

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Jennings' COMDALE THATS ANDY

Best Veteran in Show: Smith's LINGBECK PLAYING THE LADY


Class 1, Special Beginners

No entries

Class 2, Minor Puppy

No entries

Class 3, Puppy (3 entered, 1 absent)

1st: Jennings' COMDALE THATS ANDY, 21.4.16, br: owners, by Comdale Johnny Junior ex Comdale Glamorous Gladys Best Dog Puppy

Class 4, Junior (3, 2 absent):

1st: Britten's KRISMA JUMP START, 31.3.16, br: owner, by Ch Brychdyn Diamond Geezer ex Krisma Handbags At Dawn Reserve CC

Class 5, Yearling (1, 1):


Class 6, Novice

No entries

Class 7, Graduate (1)

1st: Windram's LEONARDO VENTURA, 29.5.11, br: owners, by Rozamie Passion For Fashion ex Cochansa Dales Pride

Class 8, Post Graduate (3):

1st: Thomson's FERNSUNRISE FAIR PLAY TO ASHGATE, 11.2.15, br: Woodward, by Canadian/UK/American Ch Windacre Ready To Rhumble ex Standeridge Star Spangled von Fernsunrise

2nd: Purchon's LINDENKA I'M DEXTER, 28.11.14, br: owner, by Lindenka Donovan ex Starstruck at Lindenka

3rd: Bradbury's GELMOORE MIDWINTER MAGIC AT FOURASTAY, 6.12.13, br: Geldart, by Gelmoore Troubadour ex Gelmoore Jubilee Dancer

Class 9, Limit (3):

1st: Lilley & Milling’s LILMILL NOSEY PARKER, 29.9.13, br: owners, by Ch Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale ex Lilmill Pocket Rocket Dog CC & Best Opposite Sex in Show

2nd: Purchon's LINDENKA DONOVAN, 7.10.11, br: owner, by Lindenka Bennington ex Montrose by Lindenka

3rd: Johnson's ROXHOLM READY TO RUMBLE WITH SALMARK, 17.12.13, br: Clements, by NZ/Australian Ch Bocans Strictly Business for Whitebriar ex Salmark Street Dance

Class 10, Open (5, 1)

1st: Noyce's ARMADALE'S SON OF A GUN AT MAXULA (import), 22.3.14, br: Blankestijn, by Int/UK Ch Karamynd Guns With Roses ex Armadale's Ever So Clever

2nd: Purchon's CHAMPION LINDENKA CHESTERMAN, 18.11.13, br: owner, by Ch Pepabby Prank ex Starstruck at Lindenka

3rd: Carlin & Gillott’s LIZANDYCRIS LINE ME UP, 12.6.13, br: owners, by Ch Walk The Line vom Deipen Brook to Krisma ex Ch Lizandycris Ain’t She Grand

Res: Foster's HILLSTED MASQUERADE AT THOZOW, 3.11.14, br: Fox, by Irish Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon ex Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted

Class 11, Veteran Dog or Bitch (6, 5):

1st: Smith's LINGBECK PLAYING THE LADY (bitch), 9.11.09, br: owner, by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game ex Highcross Cascade Best Veteran In Show


Class 12, Special Beginners (1, 1):


Class 13, Minor Puppy (1):

1st: Woodward's FERNSUNRISE FAN THE FLAMES, 5.9.16, br: owner, by Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate ex Fernsunrise Fly The Flag

Class 14, Puppy (4):

1st: Griffiths's KARAMYND MAY QUEEN, 25.5.16, br: owner, by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game ex Karamynd Carnival Queen Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show

2nd: Bartley's ATELIB LADY AURELIA, 22.5.16, br: owners, by Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin ex Atelib Moon Aura

3rd: Noyce's FOREVER FRIENDS DE NEW GRYFFINDOR AT MAXULA (import), 29.5.16, br: Del Pino & Kryszak, by UK/Int Ch Krystof Sunshine Celebration ex Hormiga Atomica of Gryffindor

Res: Cotton's WOO WOO SCHNAPPS, 4.6.16, br: Crabtree, by Ch Ashgate U S Apollo ex Apricot Amaretti

Class 15, Junior (5, 2):

1st: Carlin & Gillott's LIZANDYCRIS MAGGIE MAY, 6.12.16, br: owners, by Ch Walk The Line vom Deipenbrook to Krisma ex Lizandycris Ready To Rock

2nd: Pearson's BRAXQUIN ONE IN A MILLION FOR WINOSKI, 21.3.16, br: Davison, by Lynnsto Gunner Be A Star ex Lynnsto That'll Do Nicely at Braxquin

3rd: Foster's THOZOW EDELWEISS, 4.2.16, br: owners, by Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow ex Thozow Forget Me Not

Class 16, Yearling (1):


Class 17, Novice (4, 2):


2nd: Windram's CARLOLA SHOWGIRL, 29.5.11, br: owners, by Rozamie Passion For Fashion ex Cochansa Dales Pride

Class 18, Graduate (4):

1st: McLoughlin's LEYHEY LUCK BE A LADY, 30.1.15, br: owner, by Inverglen Lowe N Behold ex Llovall Look Here Leyhey


3rd: Bradbury's LIZANDYCRIS MISSCHIEVES AT FOURASTAY, 6.12.16, br: Carlin & Gillott, by Ch Walk The Line vom Deipenbrook to Krisma ex Lizandycris Ready To Rock

4th: Jenkinson's HIGHCROSS CRYSTAL CHARM, 8.2.15, br: owner, by Int Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper ex Highcross Charmer

Class 19, Post Graduate (2):

1st: Smith's HIGHCROSS PRECIOUS CHARM TO LINGBECK, 8.2.15, br: Jenkinson, by Int Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper ex Highcross Charmer

2nd: Harper's WESTIGO FLIRTY GERTIE, 23.4.15, br: owner, by The Dashing Devil's Street Fighter ex Westigo Sheeza Delight

Class 20, Limit (11, 5):

1st: Davison's BRAXQUIN FORGET ME NOT, 10.8.13, br: owner, by Vito Corleone de New Gryffindor ex Lynnsto That'll Do Nicely at Braxquin

2nd: Purchon's LINDENKA APPLE KRUMBLE, 28.11.14, br: owner, by Lindenka Donovan ex Starstruck at Lindenka

3rd: Fryer's HOPECHARM SHE'S SPECIAL,13.1.13, br: owner, by UK/Int Ch Something Special Superbia Lynnsto ex Hopecharm Fleur De Lis

Res: Jenkinson's HIGHCROSS CHARMER, 25.4.12, br: owner, by Ch Pepabby Prank ex Highcross Crimson Charm

VHC: Minett's MATHERON CONNEX AGAIN WITH DUSKHUNTER, 24.1.14, br: Shaw, by Duskhunter For'n Connexion ex Matheron With Attitude

Class 21, Open (10, 3):

1st: Burns' CHAMPION BURNEZE BILLIE ON AIR, 13.7.15, br: owners, by UK/Int/Nordic Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest ex Ch Burneze Plan Bea Bitch CC & Best in Show

2nd: Squire's THE DASHING DEVIL'S LA DIVA (import), 17.7.13, br: Van der Veen, by Surprise Westie Firecracker ex The Dashing Devil's Dutch Diva Reserve CC & Reserve Best in Show

3rd: Coley's KARAMYND SO WHAT AT KINGSVIEW, 22.1.13, br: Griffiths, by Tomlyndon Power Of Love ex Ch Krisma Asking For Trouble at Karamynd

Res: Griffiths' GIBRALTER CHAMPION TOP SECRET DE NEW GRYFFINDOR AT KARAMYND (import), 13.1.15, br: Del Pino & Kryszak, by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game ex Int Ch Like A Star of Gryffindor

VHC: Harper's WESTIGO CHEEKY GIRL, 13.3.13, br: owner, by UK/Int Ch Comdale Johnny Boy ex Westigo In On The Act

Class 22, Brace (4, 3):

1st: McLoughlin's LEYHEYs

Judge's Critique

Sunday 9th April


I had been looking forward to judge this show as Westie is a breed VERY VERY close to my heart.

The day started with a terrible noise but ended more peacefully.

Class 1Speciel Beginners Dog no Entries.

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog No Entries

Class3 Puppy Dog 3 Entries 1 absent

1 Comdale That’s Andy

11 month masculine dog puppy with great head and expression,strong pigmentation excellent short back,very nice angle in front and back

Excellent tailset ,strong bone excellent coat and condition free mover with lovely temperament.

2 Atelib the General.

Nice head and size Good neck and front Excellent angle both end, nice length of body, moves nicely,could be whiter in coat.

Class 4. Junior Dog. 3 Entries.

1 Krisma Jump Start.

12 month old excellent dog perfect balance excellent front,masculine head,big teeth.Excelent neck and shoulders,short straight back

Excellent backend and tailset moved with easy and long steps,excellent coat and condition,I think this dog have a great future.

Class 5 Yearling Dog 1 entry

Class 6 Novice Dog no entries

Class 7 Graduate Dog 1 entry

1 Leonardo Ventura

Masculin dog with excellent head,slightly broad in front and with normal shoulder angle, very short and with excellent backend,free mover nice temperament,could be better prepared .

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog. 3 entries.

1 Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate.

Very Masculine dog with strong pigmentation Nice head nicel lay back of shoulder very short body with level topline,Excellent tailset,Excellent coat and colour,moves well.

2 Lindenka I`m Dexter.

Excellent head lovely expression ,excellent front and backend a great westie in a lovely condition,moves well

3 Gelmoore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay

Class 9 Limit Dog 3 Entries.

1 Lilmill Nosey Parker

Excellent size Masculine head Strong neck short back excellent tail set and carried so good in all detail free and easy mover

Excellent coat and condition a pleasure to go over.

2 Lindenka Donovan

Great head Straight front with a lot of bone,well shaped body Excellent backend good tailset moves well,shoved in good condition,nice temperament

3 Roxholm Ready To Rumble With Salmark

Class 10 Open Dog 5 Entries

1 Armdale`s Son Of A Gun At Maxula.

Well constructed dog in super condition and coat very masculine with strong bone moves free and easy.

2 CH Lindenka Chesterman.

Smart dog with a masculine head excellent in front and backend,moves and shoves so well,good condition.

4 Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow JW Shcm.

Class 11 Veteran dog or bitch 5 Entries 4 absent

1 Lingbeck Playing The Lady.

Seven and a half year old,nice size,typecal head,excellent quarters nice coat,excellent tailset moves so well.

Class 12 Speciel beginners Bitch 1 Entry. Absent

Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch. 1 Entry

1 Fernsunrise Fan the Flames.

6 month,nice size.

This bitch need training in the ring and is not in show condition.

Nice head a bit upright in shoulders,excellent length of body,nice tailset,good coattexture.

Class 14 Puppy Bitch 4 entries.

1 Karamynd may Queen.

Excellent size,feminin, alert, prima head ,super front and shoulders,excellent overline and tailset,some dog behind the tail.

Nice white coat.Excellent on the move ,a pleasure to see.

2 Atelib Lady Aurelia.

Attractive bitch,sound on the move,good coat who could be cleaner.Nice front and back good body,lovely temperament.

3 Forever Friends De New Gryffindor At Maxula.

Res Woo Woo Schrapps.

Class 15 5 entries 2 absent

1 Lizandycris Maggie May.

Nice bitch,in lovely balance.Typical head,sound front and backend, excellent tailset, moves nicely,showed in great condition.

2 Braxquin One In A Million For Winoski.

Very feminine,good size,nice head,good quarters,excellent coat and colour,strong pigment,very short,excellent tailset.moves ok.

3 Thozow Edelweiss.

Class 16 Yearling Bitch. 1 Entry.

1 Braxquin One In A Million for Winosky.

Class 17 Novice Bitch. 4 Entries 2 absent

1 Braxquin One In A Million For Winosky.

2 Carlola Showgirl.

Nice bitch a bit out of condition.Could be better in trim and could be cleaner in colour.

Well constructed all over, a bit loose in front.Could do well if she came in showcondition.

Class 18 Graduate Bitch. 4 Entries

1 Leyhey Luck Be A Lady.

Feminine bitch of excellent size.

Excellent temperament,very alert.

Nice head Good neck and shoulders

Nice topline excellent backend ,moved well.

2 Braxquin One In A Million for Winosky.

3 Lizandycris Misschieves At Fourastay.

Res Highcross Crystal Charm.

Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch. 2 Entries

1 Highcross Precious Charm To Lingbeck.

Lovely bitch,Excellent head and expression.Excellent coat and condition.

Well constructed both end, like a higher tailset.

Lovely temperament,nice on the move.

2 Westigo Flirty Gertie

Feminine bitch also well constructed ,excellent coat condition and movement,could be stronger in head.

Class 20 Limit Bitch 11 Entries 4 absent.

1 Braxquin Forget Me Not

Excellent Showgirl,Well constructed in good condition nice coat typical head free and easy mover.

2 Lindenka Apple Krumple.

Alert bitch with a super temperament,lovely head nice neck,ok front,short excellent backend and tailset,in top condition.

Moves nicely.

3 Hopecharm She Is Speciel.

Res Highcross Charmer

VHC Matheron Connex Again With Duskhunter

Class 21 Open Bitch 10 entries 3 Absent

1 Burneze Billie On Air.

Attractive Bitch,very alert Nice head and neck, excellent shoulder and front, short level back, excellent tailset and backend, in good coat, trim and condition.

A pleasure to see.Free and easy mover.

2 The Dashing Devil`s La Diva.

Super Girl,short and full of beans.

Excellent head good neck,shoulders and backend,short body and a excellent size and coat colour .

Moved so well.

3 Karamynd So What at Kingsview

Res Gib CH Top Secret De New Gryffinder At Karamynd .

VHC Westigo Cheeky Girl.

Best in Show CH.Burneze Billie On Air.

Reserve best in Show The Dashing Devil`s La Diva.

Best in Opposite Sex in Show Lilmill Nosey Parker.

Best Puppy in Show Karamynd May Queen.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show Comdale That’s Andy

Best Veteran In Show Lingbeck Playing The Lady.

I enjoyed every dog,it was a great pleasure for me to get invited for this show,also I have to thank my steward and all helpers in the ring,everybody was working so hard and in a good and friendly way.

I loved to see old friends and new ones on the way.The breed is in a good and safe hand.

Lillian Lleton